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Arise and Shine for Such a Time as This!
You were Born for it!
Let No Haman Hang the Lives of your Loved Ones on your Watch!! One was Plotting for their Destruction and One was Preparing for their Deliverance. Which of these Best Reflects your Character? Are you Tearing to Pieces your People with your Toxic Tongue? Are you Destroying their Character with your Slanderous Speech? Or are you like Queen Esther, willing to Lay Aside your Own Opinions, your Own Life, willing to Take the Risk, willing to Petition the King on their behalf? May God Bring Deliverance and Redemption to your Family as you Fast and Pray/Intercede for those God Gave you. Just like Queen Esther, May a Nation be Saved by your Willingness and Courage to go Beyond the Borders of yourself and take a Complete and Full Stand for Righteousness even in the Face of Evil!
Let No Haman Hang the Lives of your Loved Ones on your Watch!!
It was during the month of Adar (March) when Queen Esther made her courageous move and petitioned the King on behalf of her people. By her obedience and heroism, the lives of her people were delivered from Haman’s wicked and evil plot to destroy a chosen nation!
                                                                                                                 – Book of Esther 
Sometimes you got to go uninvited. Sometimes you got to speak when you don’t have the floor. Sometimes you got to move, when everybody else says you should stay. No way, no, not today. You gotta ask, if you want an answer. Sometimes you got to stand apart from the crowd. Long before your heart could run the risk…You Were Born for This!!!
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